This girl let her friend pick her first tattoo and got owned so hard

Getting inked with your besties can be a really cool and memorable experience, but things will probably go a lot smoother if you choose your own tat. Unfortunately, this girl who let her friend pick her tattoo is now an example of why that’s actually the worst idea ever. Seriously, we heart our besties ’til the end, and the thought of us all getting rad, best friend tattoos to express the squad’s edgy vibe sounds pretty kick-ass.

But the thought of someone else picking surprise tattoos for us makes us extremely nervous, as in hell no, no way, not gonna happen.

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According to The Berry, 18-year-old YouTuber Elle Mills recently documented herself getting tatted for the first time, and shared the experience online. So, you’re probably wondering what happened when she allowed her bestie Tavian Palacios to select her tattoo.

SRSLY, DUDE?! Like, it’s cute and everything (shout-out to the tattoo artist), but a tattoo of someone else’s Twitter handle is no bueno. But Mills is taking it all in stride in the name of friendship.

"I wasn't too mad because, honestly, I would have done the same," she said. "It's just the type of friendship we have."

OK, we have to admit that it’s rather sweet of her to entrust her skin to her BFF, but who else thinks Palacios should return the favor?