This girl just won yearbook quotes

In high school, I didn’t know a lot about feminism, so my yearbook quote was from Harry Potter (which is actually pretty feminist in its own way). However, even if I did pick a feminist quote, it would be nowhere nearly as as kick-ass as eighteen-year-old Caitlyn Cannon’s.

Under her classic senior photo sits this quote:

She speaks the truth, and it was all captured by Twitter user lil snowball:

Caitlyn, who describes herself on her Twitter profile as “feminist” and “really gay,” reacted the way we all would if we woke up and discovered that we had become a viral Internet sensation overnight:

Caitlyn also spoke to Cosmo about her newfound fame, saying that she never expected her quote to blow up like this, but that it’s important that it has. She told them in an email:

But those who disagree, Caitlyn says, just don’t seem to understand feminism. It’s misconceptions like this that inspired Caitlyn to spread this kind of awareness. She’ll never back down, saying, “No matter how much they complain and try to belittle it, feminism will always exist.”

Right on, girl!

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