Girl, Just Walk It Out

Here’s our third health tip in our series of how to feel great. February is American Heart Month, and there are all kinds of little things we can do to get healthy. We’ve already suggested dancing and taking half of your restaurant meal home with you.

Walking or biking instead of using a car or form of public transportation is a simple thing we can do to live healthier lives but oh my God I am so lazy. But! Since I am fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where things are within walking distance, I have no excuse. My new rule is that from now on, if I have an errand that I can walk to, I’m walking.

And let’s say I want to indulge in pizza or tacos. My compromise is that I’ll get them as long as I walk to pick them up and check my portions. No drive-through or delivery for this gal!

But okay, let’s say that you have to drive to certain places, like work or school. Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to go for a walk – it adds up. Put some headphones on. Music makes everything fun!

Depending on your weight and speed, a 10 minute walk could burn up to 60 calories, and that’s 60 calories more than you’ll get sitting down, staring at your computer screen, wondering where it all went so very wrong.

Hey you guys, I’m just kidding!

Do you make it a point to get some sort of physical exercise into your day?

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