This girl just proved to the world why you can’t cry after getting a spray tan

When you get a spray tan, you’re usually told not to shower for a few hours so the tan has time to soak into your skin. You’re given a short list of dos and don’ts post-tan, but one thing that is apparently missing from those verbal instructions — no crying. There’s no crying in spray tans!!

High school senior Skyler Davis from Ohio learned that the hard way. Davis decided to get a spray tan before her school’s senior prom, because she felt like she was too pale for such a momentous occasion, she told BuzzFeed News.

“Although I have never gotten a spray tan before, I knew it wouldn’t hurt to get one for prom,” she said.

When Davis left the salon, she was happy with the results. But then, about 10 minutes later, she got into a disagreement with boyfriend, which left her in tears. And those tears became disastrous.

“As soon as my tears started coming, I saw I had no tissues in my car and knew I was doomed,” she said. “All of a sudden there were white streaks on my once-tan face. Looking in the mirror, I only began to cry more, and there was absolutely nothing I could do but let the tears roll down my face and completely ruin my spray tan.”

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Luckily for Davis and her face, the spray tan rinsed off in the shower and she was able to get re-tanned before prom.

But what good is a botched spray tan if you don’t take a picture and post it to Twitter? So that’s exactly what Davis did after her friend convinced her that the situation was absolutely hilarious (her boyfriend thought so too, and they have since made up from the argument).

The photo was retweeted thousands of times, and the people of the internet loved the photo so much, it was eventually uploaded to Imgur and Reddit. (Davis decided to delete her original tweet, because the attention became insane.)

“I was just a girl with a messed up spray tan, I had no idea this would ever go viral,” she said.

Well it did, and we hope Davis realizes that this is the best prom story ever that she’ll have to tell for years to come! Also: Now you know to NEVER see The Notebook right after a spray tan.