This teenage girl had the most hilarious response when a boy asked for nudes, and we’re bowing down

A Texas teen had the PERFECT response after a boy texted her asking for a nude photo and we cannot deal with how amazing she is. Reese Hebert, 16, was texting a male friend about her day when he asked for a photo of her in the shower.

“[He] asked me what I was doing and since I was in the shower, I said I was in the shower, and he asked to see,” she told BuzzFeed News.

But Reese didn't want to take a nude selfie. Instead, she came up with a different kind of photo to share.


Hebert told BuzzFeed News she bought the umbrella hat on Amazon Prime on a whim, but didn’t expect to actually use it. She tweeted the now-viral photo of herself wearing it with the words “I knew this would come in handy one day.”

Hebert acknowledged the boy who texted her didn't appreciate the humor quite as much as the rest of the internet.“He hasn’t replied to me to this day, she said.

Way to go, Reese! We can’t stop laughing.