This girl had a hilarious meltdown because The Rock wasn’t there when she woke up from oral surgery

Ever had a meltdown because someone you love left you hanging at the most inopportune moment? If not, you’re hella lucky and also, your time is coming because…life. Anyway, those who have experience in this department can probably relate to this girl who freaked out because The Rock didn’t comfort her after her oral surgery.

Yes, this really happened and it’s as hilarious as it sounds.

According to Uproxx, a recent dental patient named Becki who also happens to be a huge fan of The Rock, had the most epic anesthesia-induced, post-surgery meltdown that her friend shared on Twitter. In the clips, she can be seen completely losing her shit because she realllly just wants to see Moana.

We love The Rock and are anticipating his forthcoming role in Moana just as much as the next person, but our adoration for the wrestler-turned-actor clearly pales in comparison to Becki’s love for him:

Seriously, where TF was The Rock when she needed him?

Our guess is that he was probably somewhere on a movie set, playing with his baby girl, or officiating some other fan’s wedding (sorry, Becki). However, he eventually showed up after the fact, because true friends always come through:

Love it! We can hardly blame Becki. We’re not doctors, but we’d totally recommend waking up to The Rock as the most effective way to a speedy recovery.