This girl is making history as a member of her high school football team

High school junior Reilly Fox doesn’t let something as simple as stereotypes stand in her way. The Fort Worth, Texas teen is making history as a member of R.L. Paschal High School’s varsity football team. According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, she’s the first female player the district has had in 15 years. She also might just be the best player on the team.

Her coach, Matt Miracle, knew he had to have her when he saw she could successfully make field goals from 40 yards out. He’s also not at all phased by the fact that’s she’s a girl in a traditionally male-dominated sport:

Fox gets even more support from her family, who could not be more excited about her position. Her brother, a freshman at Paschal, told CBS that he thinks it’s “really cool, and it feels really good to know that she can actually do it, which I knew she could, but it’s really awesome.”

Fox’s mother explains how this development helps the advancement of women in general:

We sure hope so, because women playing football is awesome, but also shouldn’t be a big deal! Fox is working to get rid of that stigma and doesn’t think gender should be an issue:

Hear, hear.

See Fox in action in the video below, and cross your fingers that her team keeps up the good work so we can see more from her in the future!

(Image via CBS)

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