This girl is seriously Harry Styles’ doppelganger

Harry Styles is no stranger to doppelgangers. Just last week people discovered this stock photo model whose face uncannily resembles that of the British pop singer, and before then there was this college student who looks like he could spend his time outside of classes playing understudy for One Direction while they’re on tour. Now, fans have discovered the girl version of Styles, and it’s completely blowing our minds.

Teen Twitter user @myhazbaz has posted photos of herself online before, but recently her account has blown up as users catch a glimpse of just how much she looks like their favorite band member.

Here’s what she looks like:

And here’s what she looks like next to Harry:

Of course, ever since the discover she’s been overwhelmed with attention, but she’s truly grateful for all the nice things everyone is saying.

@myhazbaz is from Denmark, and, as her bio explains, she’s seeing the band with friends in 22 days. Do you think we can get Harry to notice her before then? It shouldn’t be too hard. It’s not every day you see your identical twin hanging out on Twitter. And, as we know, Harry is a big believer in interacting with his fans. We hope he’ll bring her up on stage at the concert, or at least take a pic with his female counterpart. Fingers crossed!

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