This girl got stood up but ended up having the most awesome date by herself

When Mimi Black goes out for a date night, she’s going to make it the best night ever (no matter what the circumstances). So when she was recently stood up on a date, she decided to make the most of it and take herself out.

And she had a pretty spectacular time from the looks of it.


Between treating herself to some delicious McDonald’s and a milkshake to taking herself shopping, she sent out an epic Snapchat story (that she later shared on Twitter) about the evening. Basically, instead of feeling down about some other person’s crummy decision, she decided to turn it into a joyful experience anyway.


Even before this bold self-love move, Mimi was already a really open and impressive woman.

Oh and she has a bunny that she takes pictures with because of course she does.

After her playful self date went viral, she spoke out about what, exactly happened on that day.

Apparently, it’s not easy for Mimi to get into a dating headspace. She said, “I’m a nervous person so it took a lot for me to go on a date, then when I realized he wasn’t showing or even sending a text to come I decided to have fun with it.”

And clearly she inspired a lot of people to enjoy themselves more (though not stand other people up, obvs). Who doesn’t love a delicious cold drink after some fun shopping?


And as for the guy? Well, he saw it went viral and reached back out to her.

“He later gave me several different reasons after he saw the tweet go viral, fully apologized and said he had ‘freaked out’. We’re not going to talk, but I have fully forgiven him so much that when I showed him an article about it he responded with a positive ‘go you!’,” she explains.

Well he obviously missed out on a spectacular lady and a delightful date. So good for you, Mimi, for still making the most of it.