This girl ended up at the hospital after using a bath bomb

For the most part, bath bombs are amazing. They are super fun to use, make for killer Instagram videos, and are the perfect tool for having a relaxing night. Unfortunately, one mom recently learned a downside to bath bombs. For Christmas, Welsh mom Leanne Keating bought her daughter, Tia, a bath bomb from Wilko, a British homegoods chain.

Keating thought the bath bombs, which cost $1.19 each, would make a fun present as neither mother nor daughter had ever used a bath bomb before. But just five days after using the bath bomb, 10 year-old Tia developed a very serious rash and was rushed to the hospital by her mother.

Apparently, the rash still hasn’t gone away. In an interview with British news agency, Caters, Keating said that the rash is only getting worse.

"The rash started off on her tummy, and it's moved up to her neck, it's on her face, a bit of her arms and between her thighs now as well."It just keeps getting worse, Keating said, “Her skin is really itchy. It's really affecting her self-esteem. She just won't come out of her bedroom, she's really low about it."


Keating, who added that her daughter hasn’t been able to go to school, told Caters that she’s angry that the Wilko bath bombs didn’t have any warnings for potential injury. She stated:

"I didn't know it was the bath bomb at first. But a friend of mine who is medically trained asked me if Tia had got anything for Christmas that she's used that was different. The only thing she'd used that was different was the bath bomb. She doesn't have sensitive skin, there were no warnings or anything on the label, it just said to keep away from babies. I'd say people shouldn't use these bath bombs, even if you don't have sensitive skin. The labelling should have a warning."

According to Wilko, whose bath bomb brand is at the center of the controversy, says Tia Keating’s rash is the first time anyone’s reported a problem with their bath bombs. However, they want to work with the Keatings to find a solution. They said, “We’re really sorry to hear of Mrs Keating and Tia’s situation and customer safety is paramount at Wilko. This is the first incident we’ve been made aware of but we have launched an immediate and rigorous investigation and continue to liaise with Mrs Keating.”

We hope Tia’s rash begins to clear up soon! We’re pulling for you, Tia!