A girl’s pet parrot was the inspiration behind her vibrant hair color

Another day, another hair color trend. 21-year-old Amber Hatake dyed her hair bright orange, yellow, and green. Pretty normal, right? However, Hatake’s dyed hair is inspired by her pet parrot, Mochi, and it’s actually extremely delightful.

While we certainly didn’t see this Parrot Hair trend coming, there’s something sweet and lighthearted about twinning with your vibrant pet pal. Mochi and Hatake are always hanging out together, so it’s only natural that she’d want to get matchy-matchy with her BFF. She’s no stranger to bold hair colors, either. According to Buzzfeed, after Hatake adopted Mochi, she decided to go yellow and orange as an homage to her feathered friend.

"I didn't know how well the colors would match, but now it's my favorite look," she told Buzzfeed.

The resemblance is hilariously sweet — those vibrant orange and yellow hues are spot on! For those of us who don’t have birds as pets, it can be tough to imagine what the bonding process is like, but Hatake and Mochi seem to have a really lovely connection.

Hatake’s parrot hair takes pet mom to a whole new level.


The 21-year-old even styles her hair slightly spiky like Mochi’s punk feathers.


While Hatake’s orange and yellow hair color steals the show, there’s definitely a pop of green hiding along the bottom half of her hair.


This is the perfect hair inspiration for spring. We’ll be looking at our pet’s hair color to see if we’re ready to twin with them.

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