This girl accidentally dressed like a hotel and we’d like to be her best friend

We all know the feeling when we’re in public and we see someone who’s wearing the same exact outfit as we are, so we hide behind our friend, a wall or anything that will block people from seeing the unfortunate coincidence. For some weird reason, wearing the same outfit as a complete stranger is ridiculously embarrassing.

But when we show up somewhere accidentally dressed like our best friend, it’s the ultimate best thing to ever happen to our friendship. We take pictures together and laugh about it forever.

That’s pretty much how one girl handled a potentially embarrassing situation.

A girl came out of her hotel room ready for the day when she realized she was dressed exactly like the hotel wall. So her friend did the only thing she could — she took a picture and posted it to Imgur. Because duh.

The post has gotten over four million views, and hundreds of comments showing support for the hilarious mistake. Some of the comments are just as hilarious as the situation.


The girl obviously has a great sense of humor and totally embraced being dressed like a wall, which is exactly why we need her to be our BFF immediately.

(Images via Imgur)