This little girl and her dolls held their own Women’s March, and it’s adorable but powerful

Not everyone could make the protests on Saturday, so this little girl decided to host her own Women’s March with her dolls in solidarity with those who attended the marches all around the world.

On Saturday, millions of people around the world took to the streets to protest against sexism, misogyny, and the current political uncertainty surrounding women’s rights that’s happening all over the world. It was an incredible show of solidarity, with many famous faces doing their bit for women’s rights (even if one of them did threaten to blow up the White House). It was amazing to see so many people all over the world unite for an important reason.

However, not everyone could make it down to the marches happening.

For example, Rose Redfern couldn’t attend the march in Washington, D.C., to support her sisters, so she instead decided that she’d host her own Women’s March at home with some of her own squad: her dolls.

Rose’s father, Mark Redfern, shared pictures of his daughter’s adorable yet powerful march, in which Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Cinderella, Poison Ivy, and Tiana from Disney’s The Frog Princess were all in attendance.

What’s more, Mark helped his daughter out with her signs, some of which could totally match the incredible ones that were present in Washington and at other cities.

We’re pretty taken with Cinderella’s sign. Crack that glass ceiling, girl!

Personally, however, this is the one we relate to most.

In his Facebook posts, Mark also pointed out that Rose wanted to make her own sign.

"Rose made some signs too. The scribbled one is apparently about love," he wrote.

Tbh, we’re pretty impressed with Rose’s ingenuity and dedication to the cause. It’s great to see such a young woman standing up for what she believes in, and encouraging her friends (or dolls) to get involved, too. More power to you Rose!

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