This girl and her dog are both deaf, so she’s teaching him sign language

Julia and Walter were made for each other. They were both born deaf, and when they saw each other at Pasadena Humane Society in California, it was basically love at first sight. The Pasadena Humane Society is a nonprofit center that advocates for humane treatment of animals and also works on getting them adopted, and Walter had been living there for a while when he found Julia.

In a video posted by the PHS, Julia’s mother said, “When I first held Julia, since she couldn’t really hear my voice, she would smell my neck, and when I first held Walter he did almost the exact same thing. I remember just looking at him and I just knew that he was meant to be ours.”

Julia and Walter became instant best friends. He waits for her to finish her homework and then they immediately go outside to play. She’s also teaching him sign language – he knows the American Sign Language words for “sit,” “water,” and “food,” and they’re just getting started.

It’s easy to see that their bond is indelible. In the video, Julia says, “I love Walter. Walter is my best friend.” Seriously, try not to cry when you watch this — we did, and we failed.

Here’s the full post and video:

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