Girl has no clue how to hang up a landline phone, makes people everywhere feel ancient

According to the Los Angeles Times, 56% of U.S. households receive virtually all of their calls on cell phones, rather than on a landline. A majority of this group admitted to disabling their landline all together, preferring to go completely wireless. That’s not so surprising – in some cases it might be less expensive to pay for a data plan than a monthly home phone bill.

As of 2013, 35 million children lived in homes with no landline. That means they don’t know what it is to twirl the phone cord around their finger while pacing back and forth in their parents’ study. They’ve never have to deal with the confusion of picking up the phone and dialing, only to realize their dad is already on the phone. And they don’t know the agony of calling a crush’s house and asking to talk to him with his mom answers.

Apparently, it also means kids these days don’t even know how to hang up a landline phone.

A video recently surfaced of a girl, Layla, who is maybe eight or nine years old, completely freezing up when her dad asks her to hang up a landline telephone in their hotel room.

For the record, here is Selena Gomez demonstrating how it’s done.

Thank you, Selena.
“Can you hang up the phone up for me?” Layla’s dad asks, handing her the landline. Poor Layla looks like she’s just been handed the Iliad before it was translated from Greek.

“How do you do that?” she asks, because she’s lived her entire life hanging up phones by pressing an obvious red “end call” button. It’s hard to believe she’s never seen anyone hanging up a landline phone in movies, but I guess even those ol’ classics are outdated now. *Covers face in anti-wrinkle cream while whimpering*

In the end, Layla’s mom has to come to her rescue. Check out the full video below and prepare to feel older than Grandmother Willow. (By the way, Layla, that’s a Pocahontas reference. It was definitely before your time.)

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