This girl’s partner had the best response after she was confronted by a sexist Facebook comment

We’ve all got into silly arguments on Facebook where we’ve heatedly debated politics, social issues, and which series of The Real Housewives is best. It’s part of what, sometimes, makes Facebook so enjoyable. You get a peek into other people’s thoughts and it connects us, like social media should. It’s not often, though, that these harmless debates turn to sexism.

Well, that’s what happened to Kari, a woman from Salt Lake City, who got embroiled in a discussion about politics.

Here’s what went down…Kari was chatting third-party politics on Facebook when a guy called Nick, who she didn’t really know, took offence at something she’d said.

However, rather than contribute to the conversation rationally, Nick decided to pick apart Kari’s “tone.”



Obviously Kari took offence at this, so she sent a reply back.



Things then took a nasty turn, however, as Nick decided to get in touch with Kari’s boyfriend at 2 am to ask him to put her in her place.


Okay, let’s just stop right here. This is SO uncool. The fact that Nick felt the need to go in on Kari in the first place about her tone was already pretty silly, but now going to her boyfriend behind her back at 2 am is pretty low, right?

Thankfully, Kari’s partner had the GREATEST response to all this nonsense.


“She obviously got a rise out of you enought o message her boyfriend who had absolutely noting to do with whatever sexist comment you or your friend was guilty of making. I’m not responsible for her actions on Facebook.” 


Sharing the details of the Facebook exchange on Twitter, the pictures quickly went viral and Kari found that many women had experienced similar things themselves. false false false

Unperturbed and spurred on by all the positive tweets, Kari tweeted the following.

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Yes Kari! She has such a point about how these sorts behaviours feed into the wider problem, and it’s great that she’s using her viral tweet to help change things.

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