Um, who is that girl at the beginning of “Stranger Things”? We need answers

With October 27th *officially* upon us, we were ready to sit down, take a trip to Hawkins, Indiana, and straight up binge our way through Stranger Things season 2. But the opening scene of Stranger Things Season 2 doesn’t immediately take us back to Hawkins. Instead, we find ourselves following a group of thieves as they make their grand escape following a burglary — and we have to ask, who is that girl at the beginning of Stranger Things??

No, the characters we meet as soon as the season opens aren’t our favorite middle school Dungeons & Dragons aficionados Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, but characters we’ve never seen before.

For a second, we found ourselves wondering if we were watching a scene out of Hill Street BluesDuffer Brothers, that ’80s reference was for you — but then something happened that reminded us that we were in the mysterious world of Stranger Things.


WHAT? Are the Duffer Brothers trying to tell us there’s another telekinetic person running around the United States?

As the rag-tag group of robbers are kind of panicked about their escape from the police, the mysterious girl in the passenger seat remains *very* calm, muttering out directions and all in all, acting pretty nonchalant — even when she makes a tunnel opening collapse.

So who is this mysterious girl who *clearly* makes things go BOOM?


We have no idea but certainly looks as though Eleven wasn’t Hawkins Lab’s *only* experimental patient. While Eleven is off in the woods of Hawkins, it appears Eight is living her best life as a thief in Pittsburgh.

Welp, we better keep watching to see if and how she relates to the current mess in Hawkins!

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