This girl asked her professor if she could bring her dog to class, and his response won the internet

Basically every dog parent can relate to that feeling of, ‘I want to spend ALL my time with my pet!” Right? And friends of dogs, you know what we’re talking about. Because seriously, dogs just improve every situation. So needless say, this girl who begged her professor to let her bring her dog to class is melting our hearts.

Because this isn’t simply a situation where a girl missed her dog (which would be understandable). Jessica Lewis lives in Statesboro, Georgia, and planned to evacuate after class due to the impending threat of Hurricane Irma. However, since the Political Science class was her very last one of the day, she was hoping she might be able to bring her pooch along so that she could evacuate asap and not have to go back home and retrieve him.

Here was her initial e-mail to her professor:

After explaining the situation so practically, how could anyone say no? Well, they could. Because technically animals aren’t supposed to attend college classes.

But here was her professor’s response.

And Luna had a brilliant time in class. She behaved like a champion.

She even stood next to the teacher and beside Jessica, waiting to receive commands. Too cute!

Who knows, maybe Luna even learned a thing or two. She definitely made some new friends.

When the class was over, Jessica and Luna were able to evacuate safely. Everything worked out thanks to the compassionate understanding of Jessica’s teacher. Also, dogs are  irresistible. That has been proven.

And let this serve as a reminder: The answer is always no if you never ask!

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