Phoenix and her dog Kitsu go to the playground. Hearts melt.

Seven-year-old Phoenix loves to go to the park with her bestie. They play on the monkey bars, go down the slides, swing on the swings and basically hit up every piece of equipment on the playground. As kids do. Only one of them isn’t exactly a kid . . .

Phoenix’s bestie is her dog Kitsu. Kitsu is a gorgeous Shibu Inu who looks a lot like a fox. We know this because we got a really good look at the canine cutie in Phoenix’s YouTube video of their day at the park. And we have to say, for a 7-year-old, Phoenix is a pretty rad documentary filmmaker. The completely adorbs video is filled with awesome action shots of the two besties and it’s set to the tune of Harry Nillson’s Best Friend. You guys, it’s the cutest thing ever. Really.

I’ve never wanted to go to the playground so bad in my life. Although I have to admit, I’m not sure my dogs would be quite as into it as Kitsu is. This dog is ALL IN. She goes down the slide, gets pushed in a swing . . . all of it. She even sits patiently while Phoenix spins her around and around and around in a spinner toy. According to the caption on the video, this wasn’t exactly Kitsu’s fave activity. “Kitsu did not like the spinny thing,” Phoenix writes. I feel you, Kitsu. I might have gotten sick once on the spinning teacups at Disneyland. (I totally did.)

Kitsu is the world’s greatest sport, though. Apparently, she wasn’t a big fan of the slide either. But really, you can’t even tell. When she gets to the bottom, she doesn’t even squirm or try to run off. She just chills in Phoenix’s lap like she’s having a ball. (I don’t see my dogs doing that. They don’t even like to ride in the basket at PetSmart.)

Spinny thing and slide aversions aside, Kitsu had a blast. She particularly dug the swings.

Check out the adorableness below. Warning: don’t let your dog watch it unless you’re prepared to spend the rest of the day pushing Spot in a swing.

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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