This girl accidentally spent $733 on her mom’s credit card at Sephora — and obviously we totally relate

Our worst nightmare just happened to this teen girl who accidentally used her mom’s credit card to buy everything in her online Sephora cart, which happened to be 733 dollar’s worth of makeup. Alex Dello, 15 years old, was doing what we all do: suspending our financial realities while online shopping and put absolutely everything we could dream of buying into our hypothetical shopping cart.

But Alex’s dream cart turned into a nightmare when she actually clicked on “check out” and she had a saved card in the account. She anxiously awaited her mom’s response to her text which read:

"Okay, I was on Sephora and ur cards set up and I clicked check out on accident because I was trying to see how much was on this old gift card… soooo ur going to need to cancel that order… don’t kill me"

Before her mom could respond, Dello made this video for Twitter, which quickly went viral: false

Dello’s amazing freak-out video, in which she was waiting for “either death or a really good makeup haul” is about the most relatable thing we’ve ever seen. Dello’s explanation was perfectly reasonable:

"Every girl in the world who’s a makeup hoarder has just their Sephora basket filled with things that they don’t necessarily need, just like pallets and stuff that they want."

This is true, this is true. Dello then started hilariously crying pleas to Theresa, who works for Sephora’s customer support, to help her cancel the order.

Dello’s final words in the video were,

"Theresa, girl, you better get this, you'd better cancel this shit!"

And we felt like we were with her, pleading desperately.

In the end, Theresa didn’t have to pull through, because Alex’s mom, Marcia, decided to make the ‘haul’ Dello’s Christmas present.

This was truly a Christmas miracle, and we’re so happy that Alex was able to receive her dream cart IRL. Be careful while shopping online though because we might not all end up as lucky as Alex.

Merry Christmas, Alex, slay on, you lucky, lucky girl.

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