This girl accidentally dyed her entire face pink, and of course the pic is going viral

In a strange turn of events that reminds us of something that might happen on an episode of Broad City, a woman accidentally dyed her face pink. Yes, you read that right. There is a woman out there right now with a fluorescent pink face. How might this happen? Well, it all started with a snapchat.

Leah (who we can only assume was prepping for Halloween…or getting into some real experimental makeup lewks) snapped a photo of her clean face aside the pink glitter Palmer Paint bottle with the caption, “3 screenshots i put this all over my face.”

Then, moments later, she sent another snap of her face coated in the pink glitter paint saying, “jk i don’t even need screenshots sos.”

So, then, Leah tries to scrub the pink glitter paint off, as one would. But plot twist: Despite the fact that the label says the product, “washes easily off skin,” Leah was left with noticeably less vibrant, but still clearly bright pink cheeks.

"See you in court Palmer Paint Products," she says.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter is having a field day. One user suggested she was the missing female member of the Blue Man Group.

Another made a comparison with the pink Power Ranger.

One provided a glimpse into Leah’s future court appearance:


But mostly, the biggest question was, “Why?” false


As one very intelligent user points out that the bottle does in fact explicitly state that the glitter paint isn’t actually designed for your face.

Leah, we need to know. Is your face still pink? Are you actually going to sue Palmer Paint? Have they reached out to you? Report back, please and thank you!

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