Ginnifer Goodwin opens up about why her second pregnancy was more exhausting than the first

Carrying a baby inside your belly is no easy task, and 37-year-old Ginnifer Goodwin thought her first pregnancy took an emotional and physical toll. But apparently it was nothing compared to the second time around!

The actress currently has her hands full running after her 21-month-old son Oliver, working on Once Upon a Time, doing a press tour for Zootopia, and trying not to do too much because she’s pregnant. The good news is that her hectic schedule is making everything go quicker, at least. Ginnifer admitted to People Magazine, “The first time you feel like you are pregnant for four years. This time, I don’t know how many weeks I am. I have to reference my date book!”

Even though Ginnifer’s life is hard to keep track of, she insists that she and her husband, Josh Dallas, wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah, they might have taken their free time for granted when they had more of it, but now they cherish every moment. In the interview, Josh mentioned the look on their son’s face when he comes to the surface after being dunked in a swimming pool. “Pure joy.” Awww.

Ginnifer and Josh’s second baby is expected this Spring. In the meantime, Ginnifer will continue to keep a positive attitude amidst the organized chaos, while prepping young Oliver for his impending brotherhood (apparently he lifts up her shirt, pats her belly and announces, “Hello Baby!”). She’ll also indulge in her favorite pregnancy craving: “sweet and refreshing and wonderful watermelon popsicles.”