8 super cute ways to wear your gingham on National Picnic Day!

Gingham is taking the spring season by storm. With its simple, preppy, and warm appeal, the bold gingham pattern has grown from its days as our Easter Sunday dress. Incorporating gingham into your closet doesn’t have to be all encompassing. To spruce up your closet, it only takes a few signature pieces to make your look really pop. From button ups, to bathing suits, to small details in your shirt, the popularity of the gingham trend is sure to find its way into your wardrobe.

For National Picnic Day, a perfect time to be matchy-matchy with the season, have a look at these cute ways to wear your gingham!

1 Two piece, high waisted


A gorgeous, but simple, two-piece bikini style top paired with a high waisted skirt is a perfect way to picnic in the sun.

2 Matched with a bold top


Pairing a lovely red top with gingham pants creates a bold statement. Lose the leather jacket and you have a stylish outfit for grazing in the grass.

3 Adorable flatware

Why not incorporate your gingham into your blanket, or even better, your flat ware? Plates, utensils, and napkins can all be found in the simple pattern.

4 Peaking out


For more subtle statement, check out this cute way to wear your gingham button down.

5 A simple ball cap

If you’re less enthused about wearing a two-piece outfit to a picnic, check out this awesome ball cap that can help protect your skin and shield your eyes.

6 A small clutch

Love the red gingham pattern — especially on this cute little clutch.

7 Poolside

Pair your gingham with an unexpected pattern and celebrate warmer weather by the water.

8 All the patterns

Wear all the patterns and colors in a statement dress!

Gingham has been a classic pattern throughout history and is known as being a more “vintage” look. Our ladies of admiration have been wearing it throughout the years (cue Princess Diana, Dolly Parton, and Julie Andrews). The sophisticated look can be translated into a fun combination, especially for spending a day outside. Grab your best pattern and hit the grass for a Sunday full of lounging and snacking!

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