This existential Gingerbread Man meme is going viral thanks to Christmas pessimists

As you may have heard, a whole lot of people didn’t have a particularly great 2016. So, for said people (raises hand reluctantly), the deluge of Christmas carols and holiday cheer currently surrounding these United States can be more than a little bit frustrating.

Like, sorry, “All I Want For Christmas Is You?” More like, “All I Want For Christmas Is Decent Health Insurance, A Long Nap, And The Opportunity To Do Nothing But Binge TV Shows On Netflix For An Entire Month As A Reward For Making It Through This Year.”

The good news, however, is that we’re not alone — like Meursault in the ending of Albert Camus’ The Stranger, we have opened ourselves up to the “gentle indifference of the world.” Unlike that same character, though, we are not condemned to death … so we’re still able to sit at home on our phones and laptops, enjoying hilarious, Christmas-themed memes that totally get where we’re coming from.

Like this one, for example. Actually written and drawn last year by the hilarious guys over at Cyanide and Happiness, it’s been making the rounds like crazy on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and so on and so forth during the 2016 holiday season, perhaps due to this low grade depression that seems to be going around.

Admit it, fam — not only do you totally get where this Gingerbread Man is coming from, you’re also debating his nihilistic question in your very own brain right now. And if his “house versus flesh” question starts to bum you out, check out this video of a cockatoo shouting repeatedly into the void of a cup to feel just a little bit better. (Or, at the very least, a little bit more understood.)

Happy holidays, beautiful people. We at HelloGiggles will be right there with you in 2017, ready to move on from our sadness and spread happiness and light.

(Just maybe not to Gingerbread Men. They’re already kinda screwed.)

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