The Gingerbread Hogwarts trend just won the gingerbread house game forever

Gingerbread houses? Psh, these festive bakers have moved onto something a little more intense: gingerbread castles. Specifically, these gingerbread Hogwarts castles created by Harry Potter enthusiasts around the world and shared on social media. Not only are these creations super impressive, they combine all of our favorite things: the holidays, Harry Potter, and delicious icing.

These ginger-architects seriously went all out. Not only have they created exact replicas of a super impressive building, they’ve gone the extra mile by adding details and embellishments that make their creations truly magical. If you look closely, you’ll spot trees, rocks, characters, Hagrid’s hut, quidditch pitches, and even the Hogwarts Express.

Seriously, we’re obsessed. The time and effort it must have taken to compose such intricate masterpieces, the tedious concentration involved in perfecting every intricacy, the research that must have gone into the design proccess — they’re almost too good to eat! Almost.

(Image via Instagram)

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