10 gingerbread castles that are going to blow your holiday-loving mind

This is the time of year for all things sweet and candy-coated. But some designers are taking this holiday tradition to a whole new level with their insanely intricate and complicated gingerbread castles. Seriously, the engineering alone is a thing of wonder.

We had to compile a list of some of the most incredible gingerbread houses we’ve seen to date. And we can’t even imagine how much time and energy went into making them a reality. But we’re sure glad there are people who do this because they are stunning to look at.

Check out these amazing gingerbread constructions that will inspire even the worst grinch to get into the holiday spirit.

1The incredible amount of detail in this castle is mind-blowing.


2Here’s the perfect castle in case Elsa and Ana need another place to winter.

3If you like your gingerbread house to double as a movie theater, this is perfect.

4Sometimes, you just have to marvel at the human capability at making art from everything.

5This pretty in pink castle is ideal for Elle Woods lovers everywhere.

6And this little castle that looks like it should tucked under a mossy tree in a forest.

7When Halloween and Christmas collide, you get something clearly amazing.

8Won’t you be my neighbor?

9Because of course a gingerbread castle should occupy an entire city block.


10And this castle looks plenty happy to be nestled in the foot of the Swiss Alps.

We are *so* impressed with the creativity behind each of these delicious designs!