“Ginger beer hair” is the autumn-themed color taking over your Instagram feed

If fall conjures up images of crisp evenings by the campfire and all the cozy boots and sweaters your closet can handle, you’re going to love the latest fall hair color trend. “Ginger beer hair” is the autumnal-inspired hue taking over our Instagram feeds, and trust us when we say it looks good on literally everyone.

New York-based stylist Kim Bonondona told Popsugar that she’s been seeing the spice color trend pop up all over her salon now that the first fall chill is setting in. It’s the warm, multidimensional shade your strands need for all the fun fall festivities ahead.

"Going into the fall, most clients like to put warmth into their hair," Bonondona told Popsugar, adding, "When you think fall, you think of leaves changing and campfires. That's why copper comes to mind."

This copper-based color works on a wide variety of hair colors and skin tones, which is probably why we’ve seen it all over our social feeds. Achieving the look requires a quick trip to the salon for those with lighter strands, but if your hair is dark, you’ll need to have it bleached and lifted before achieving that ginger-inspired color.

When you chat with your stylist, make sure they skew the shade more orange then red, as Bonondona pointed out, “If there is too much red, it won’t give the same look. You want to keep [the hair] more in the orange family.”

Check out a few stunning examples of our new favorite fall shade, ginger beer hair, below.


It looks just as stunning on big, bouncy curls as it does on sleek and straight strands.


It adds warmth and depth to any skin tone. The color brings out the rosy undertones in skin, which makes it so perfect as the days get cooler and shorter.


This shade looks good on styles both short and long, too, so it really is the versatile look you need as the seasons change and you’re sipping your PSL on the daily.

Bye bye, summer! We are so ready to embrace fall in every way—including our hair color.

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