Gina Rodriguez just chopped off all her hair and she looks dazzling

When it comes to celebs whose hair we’re most envious of, Gina Rodriguez is at the top of the list. The Jane the Virgin star is known for her gorgeous, Rapunzel-esque, brunette locks. Recently, she changed things up with a drastic chop and — spoiler alert — her hair still looks incredible. It’s just not fair!

Gina posted a photo of her new bob on Instagram with the caption, “Short hair, don’t care. Ha. Not true. It’ll take some adjusting. I’ll just be a little crazy till the fairy dust settles.” If you’ve ever gone from having super long hair to short, then you know just how Gina feels. This is a major deal that can take some getting used to!

She also posted a photo of her former ponytail on Twitter, with the hashtag #locksoflove hinting she’s donating her discarded inches to the nonprofit organization that provides wigs to cancer patients. false

So, was Gina’s decision to chop off her long hair part of a new look for spring? It was actually due to an upcoming film role. “I’m gonna look different in a month,” Rodriguez told PeopleStyle (via Huffington Post) early last month. “I’m cutting all my hair off and dyeing it — cutting as in a Ruby Rose cut. This is gonna be my first transition in not rocking long hair.”

Wait a second, Ruby Rose? Ruby clearly has a much shorter ‘do than what Gina currently has, which means there’s a chance she’s going even shorter, if she hasn’t yet already. When a fan recently asked about her new short hair on Twitter, Gina responded, saying she had shaved her head! false

Is she being real about this buzz? We’ll be keeping a close eye on her Instagram just in case.

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