Gina Rodriguez is producing a new TV show for The CW about feminists, and is there anything she can’t do?

It’s not news that we’re completely obsessed with Gina Rodriguez. But it is news that Rodriguez is producing a new female-driven drama over at The CW called Femme. She’s a complete powerhouse!

Rodriguez has had a lot of good news lately. She will be playing Carmen Sandiego in a Netflix revival while also developing two shows about immigration. The fourth season of Jane the Virgin just began. She’s been busy raising money and awareness for Puerto Rico. And now this. Apparently, I Can and I Will Productions will be very busy from now on.

The premise of Femme sounds right up our alley: Four young women meet in an online group and decide to join forces to help other women. Women helping women? Yes, please. In case you need another reason to get excited for Femme, Audrey Wauchope and Rachel Spector are the writers and creators. You know their names from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. false

The other show on I Can and I Will’s roster is Illegal, a dramedy focusing on a high school student who finds out he’s undocumented. Rodriguez and her production company continue to put in work. Rodriguez is no stranger to using her influence to make her industry a more accepting place. Recently, she and America Ferrara orchestrated one of the coolest get-togethers we can imagine.

Though she faced some criticism for the #FiercelyLatina luncheon, Rodriguez handled it with grace. We appreciate how she is always willing to listen and respond to people with an open mind and heart. It is for reasons like this that we trust Rodriguez and her production company with subjects like immigration and feminism.

Her heart and mind and fierceness are always in the absolute right place.

Gina Rodriguez, you are a hero!

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