Gina Rodriguez had the most perfect response to being photobombed by Meryl Streep

Last night, the SAG Awards celebrated fabulous acting talent in both film and TV. Naturally, all of our favorite stars were there. But what we loved most about the SAG Awards was the way our fave stars cross paths at the awards, and they geek out just as much as we would. Like when the star of Jane the Virgin Gina Rodriguez ran into one of the most amazing actresses of all time, and her reaction was perfect.

Gina Rodriguez ran into Meryl Streep, and her incredible reaction was all of us.

And low-key we’d act the same way. 

"This was about 3 seconds before I lost my shit. Meryl, thanks for the photobomb. My shit is now officially lost."

We are SO impressed that Gina was able to keep her cool for even 3 seconds while THE Meryl Streep was photobombing her. Thankfully, she did, because this pic is pure gold. And we definitely can’t get enough of playful and adorable Meryl, who just sneaks up on people on the red carpet.

Approximately 3 seconds later, we can see Gina’s real reaction.


Yep, that would be our reaction too, Gina. She’s getting ready to bow down to Meryl, and we don’t blame her. Because not only is Meryl incredibly talented, she’s also super goofy and supportive of her fellow women. We only wish we could be as awesome as Gina, so we could hope that Meryl might photobomb us one day. But for now, we will just live vicariously through Gina’s fabulous pic with Meryl. And we’ll freak out over the general girl power happening on the red carpet.