Gina Rodriguez has mastered the modern flapper girl look at the Golden Globes

There are few vintage looks that manage to remain as timeless as the flapper girl look, and the lovely vision of Gina Rodriquez at the Golden Globes proves she has already mastered the look before the awards show even began. This is hardly surprising considering Rodriquez is a red carpet regular who knows how to hold her own on the scene.

But really, her ability to pull off this vintage-inspired, floor-length, shimmery, white-tailed dress (so many things all at once, and so much perfection) further proves that while Rodriquez somehow pulls off being relatable in her interviews, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the red carpet.

Now we want to know if she can also dance like a flapper girl, because that would elevate this look to a whole different level.

Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if she could. This IS show business.

We’re eager to see how the awards show treats Rodriquez, and whether her nomination for Best Actress in a Television Series (musical or comedy) from her role in Jane The Virgin lands her a globe for her trophy shelf!

We’re rooting for you Rodriquez, and if you don’t take an award home tonight, you would kill it in a backup career as a modern flapper.

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