Gina Rodriguez looks like a ray of sunshine on the cover of “Marie Claire”

Aside from the fact that Jane the Virgin is a true joy of a television show that brings light to our lives, we have Gina Rodriguez to thank for making it a smash hit. That’s why we’re super excited that queen of our hearts Rodriguez is on the cover of Marie Claire! We can’t get enough of her passionate and positive spirit, so we’re thrilled to see her gracing the cover of Marie Claire looking as stunning as ever! It’s fitting that she’s beaming radiantly in a yellow dress, as her hard work has definitely been rewarded over the past few years. She deserves every opportunity to beam like a ray of sunshine.

Gina plays one of our all-time favorite television characters on TV and we love that she plays a strong, empowering female role. The best part? Gina is just as inspiring in real life. Her commitment to elevating women and raising awareness on issues that are important to her is one of the many reasons her fans look up to her. She tells Marie Claire:

"I decided I was going to take roles that progressed the image of Latinos in the industry, and I was going to choose those roles over money. I wanted to make sure I was contributing positively and not allowing limitations to dampen my experiences and my journey."

She is truly a hero for the ages. We so appreciate her commitment to staying positive and looking for the good in the world, as well as being honest about her own struggles with self-esteem and self-acceptance. We can all relate to feeling that way! Having a positive role-model explain how she’s overcome her own struggles is truly a gift. She says:

"I have vowed to work on loving myself. I want to know that I don't need another to be full. So that whenever another person, an endorsement, or a project comes into play, they are an addition, not filling a need for value or fulfillment or worth or love. Because if I do that, I will forever be hungry."

Our girl is gorgeous inside and out! If ever there was an example of a person who is truly lit from within, it’s Gina. Her joy and love-filled life shine brightly and it only enhances her beauty!

We’re gonna keep hoping that 2017 sees as much of her as 2016 — including more lovely photoshoots, please!

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