Gina Rodriguez just made us love her even more with this amazing take on body image

Gina Rodriguez made E! News correspondent, Kristin Dos Santo, tear up during an interview when she dropped some incredible wisdom on body image. The star of Jane the Virgin was doing the red carpet thang for the CW TV Upfronts, chatting about how she’s starring in a movie with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Hudson. (“Nobody you’ve ever heard of,” she joked.) When Dos Santo asked how the thirty-year-old actress maintains strong self-confidence and inner-beauty, Rodriguez gave all the credit to her parents.

Rodriguez also spoke about her outer beauty, thanking her hair and make-up stylists. It can be hard to remember that actresses have a team of artists (no, literally, artists) curating their looks while the rest of us rely on YouTube tutorials and the fact that keeping $8 mascara for more than two years won’t actually poison us. But Rodriguez acknowledged that though she gets dolled up for the spotlight, she still has to make an effort to love herself au natural.

Gina Rodriguez makes me want to learn to cross-stitch just so I can cross-stitch her words onto a security blanket. And then I’d carry that blanket around with me all the time, like Linus from Peanuts. Funny thing is, that’s not even the part of the interview that made E! News’ Dos Santo (everyone) cry. It was when Rodriguez encouraged women to create their own standards of beauty instead of relying on the media’s definition.

How can anyone blame Dos Santo for getting emotional? Seriously, it’s the best advice ever, and very well put. If you want to watch Rodriguez be hilarious and brilliant, check out the full interview here.

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