Gina Rodriguez just shared a “Jane The Virgin” season finale sneak peek, and there’s a special guest that might surprise you!

None of us could’ve predicted the heartbreaking death in this season of Jane the Virgin. And, like with most CW shows and telenovelas alike, you know there are always more mysteries to come. But there’s one surprise we never would have guessed: Tyler Posey joining the Jane the Virgin cast.

The news broke earlier in the week, with speculation that Posey might be playing a past love interest for Jane. As of right now, the only thing confirmed is that he’s playing someone from Jane’s past — and that he’ll be popping up in the season finale.

Need more proof? Look no further than star Gina Rodriguez’s own Instagram.

In the picture, you can see all of the show’s regulars: Jane, Xo, Alba, Mateo, Rogelio, Raf, and Petra. Brett Dier is in the back, hinting at a few more appearances for Michael, as well as Jane’s grad school advisor.

And then, in the left corner, there’s Tyler Posey, looking as adorable as ever.

According to Variety, Posey’s character will first be introduced in the finale, but it’ll be a recurring role — meaning we can expect to see more of him in season four.

With Teen Wolf‘s final 10 episodes airing this summer, we’re glad to know we won’t be seeing the last of Tyler Posey on our screens. And we think he’ll fit in great with this complicated cast of characters.

Besides, we have some theories about who he might play. Remember how the Narrator recently mentioned that Jane had had one great love in her life before Michael? Well, we think we might know who that was.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with that face?

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