This throwback photo of Gina Rodriguez proves that she’s always had that inner GLOW

Throwback Thursday is always one of our favorite days. Not just because Thursday is really close to Friday and Friday is THE WEEKEND, but because celebrities are always posting amazing pics of themselves from back in the day. Like Gina Rodriguez’s recent Instagram throwback photo of her very first comp card.

In case you aren’t privy to Hollywood lingo, a comp card is like a business card for actors and models. It’s a marketing tool they can hand out that basically says, “Here’s me and this is the work I’ve done so far.”

Rodriguez’s comp card from when she was 13 years old is ridiculously adorable, which isn’t at all surprising.

She captioned the photo, “Throwback Thursday. Ha. First comp card age 13. Took me years to get to where I am today and god willing I have many more years left to get to where I want to go. #tbt”

Look how she’s literally glowing, you guys!

OK fine, she’s not LITERALLY glowing. It’s a reflection on the image. But when we think of Rodriguez, we kind of think of her as this otherworldly amazing woman who can pretty much accomplish anything and everything. So if she WAS glowing, it would make sense.

Like, check out this picture she posted a few weeks ago of her and her boyfriend loving on each other. They BOTH have an inner (and outer) glow about them, which is obviously because they’re so incredibly in love.

She wrote, “I have known love but never have I known a love like this. You make my heart smile. #RealLove”

So sweet. All of it.

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