Gina Rodriguez just gushed about her boyfriend for the most relatable reason

The Jane the Virgin actress is easily one of the most awesome role models in Hollywood. Gina Rodriguez is fearless, grounded, and has a wicked sense of humor. And despite the fact that she seems to possess out-of-this-world creative talent, she’s just proven yet again that she’s surprisingly down-to-earth.

And she just shared the most hilarious (and totally relatable) tweet proving that she appreciates the little things in life as much as the rest of us.


We all know that feeling when you’re running low on toilet paper but not sure the next time you’re going to make it to the store, so you just decide to risk it and see how long you can go before you need to get more (which is dangerous because you never know what life might bring in the bathroom).


But Gina obviously has someone who truly cares about and who anticipates her needs and takes care of it.


While the actress has been vocal about a lot of personal issues in her life (including her amazing outlook about living with Hashimoto’s disease), she’s remained rather quiet lately about her dating life. So while we’re not sure who the #RealLove and heart-eyes emoji in her tweet are dedicated to, it’s obviously somebody truly special that she clearly appreciates with her whole heart.

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