Gina Rodriguez will play the POTUS in a new TV show, and that’s an America we can get behind

Even though there’s no way of knowing who the next president will be, we’re crossing our fingers that there will be a female president in our lifetime. In the meantime, however, TV shows are starting to imagine a reality where a woman is commander-in-chief. Gina Rodriguez is the latest actress who has been cast as POTUS, and that’s a version of America we’d love to see.

Deadline reports that Rodriguez will have a recurring role as the future POTUS on the upcoming series Diary of a Female President. The series, which will be available on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, tells the story of a 12-year-old Cuban-American girl, Elena, as she tries to navigate middle school and works toward her dream of becoming president. The show will be narrated from the perspective of young Elena, whom Deadline describes as “unabashed, semi-dweeby, ultra-observant, and with a strong point of view.” Rodriguez will play adult Elena, who is campaigning for the highest office in the U.S. at the time the show starts. Tess Romero stars in her first major role as the younger Elena.

In addition to her recurring part on the series, Rodriguez is also involved behind the scenes of Diary of a Female President. As an executive producer for the series, which is being produced through her company I Can and I Will Productions, she will also direct the first episode.

"I established my production company as a vehicle to tell stories for and by the underrepresented," Rodriguez told Deadline. "Bringing this story to Disney+ is a dream come true not to mention hope for our future."

Rodriguez celebrated the start of the series’s production with an Instagram post from set.

According to TVLine, 10 episodes of Diary of a Female President have been ordered so far. Disney has yet to announce an exact release date for this series, but it will be available sometime in 2020 on Disney+. That seems like a long time to wait, but in the meantime, you can catch Rodriguez in the final season of Jane the Virgin.

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