The real reason why Gina Rodriguez cut her hair is so relatable

Within the past few months, Gina Rodriguez hasn’t only chopped off several inches of her hair – she’s also shaved the side of her head. The results? Equally gorgeous, shorter, super rad hair. Plus, while the cut was a drastic change for the Jane the Virgin actress, her reasons for doing it are so real and so relatable.

Here’s a before:

And an after:

In the September issue of Health, Rodriguez explained why she was totally fine with the change.

“What I realized is that I rediscovered my beauty, and it does not live in my hair,” she said. “It doesn’t live in makeup and it doesn’t live in clothes and it doesn’t live in my weight.” Gina added that changing her look allowed her to rediscover a key part of who she is – especially since she wanted to only rely on three things that make her truly beautiful: her character, her heart, and her intelligence.

The above quote is a reiteration of the fantastic message Rodriguez wrote on Instagram right after she cut her hair:

Overall, we love Gina’s beauty and her brains!

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