Gina Rodriguez’s comments on Photoshop are all kinds of empowering

Famous women like Zendaya, Emma Roberts,  Ashley Graham, and more have spoken out against the media for its use of Photoshop — challenging dangerous beauty standards with powerful body-positive wisdom. And the amazing Gina Rodriguez is the latest performer to express her frustration with the common practice.


In a new interview with Women’s Health, Rodriguez eloquently stated:

"This day and age of Photoshopping and transforming oneself and filtering and filtering and filtering, it really feels good when a photo can capture my heart, my body, my spirit, without having to gloss over it... Let me keep my curves, my birthmark. I want to look like myself."


The Jane the Virgin star continued to share words of empowerment, adding:

"People will say you are not attractive. People will say you are not skinny enough, not tall enough, not thick enough, not curvy enough, not white enough, not brown enough, not this enough."


Gina has previously blessed us with her philosophy on body image and beauty. And, as Mic reminds us, Rodriguez took to Instagram earlier this year to support Kerry Washington’s takedown of Photoshop.

Gina’s caption, in part, reads:

"I want to commend my beautiful and honest friend [Kerry Washington] for speaking so eloquently regarding Photoshopping. And not just for herself but for our entire society who can get carried away with the meaning of beauty."

Thanks for keeping it so perfectly real, Gina!