Gina Rodriguez is playing Carmen Sandiego in *two* different Netflix projects, because she’s just that perfect for the role

Have you ever been so perfect for a job that your employers voiced their wishes to hire two of you? Or have you had such an amazing work experience that you wish you could do it all over again to recapture that magic? Most of us don’t really get the chance to do the same job twice because that’s just not how life goes. Except if you’re Gina Rodriguez.

The Jane the Virgin star has just been cast in Netflix’s live-action feature adaption of popular ’90s franchise Carmen Sandiego, Deadline reports. Rodriguez will, of course, play the titular role of the globe-trotting thief who constantly thwarts the ACME Detective Agency.

Now, if you’re doing a double take on this news, there’s good reason.

Recently, Gina Rodriguez was cast as the voice of Netflix’s rebooted Carmen Sandiego animated series that is set to debut next year. So yes, if you’re keeping score, that means that Rodriguez has been cast to play the same role twice for the same streaming site, because she is just that perfect for the job. Get this girl a red hat, stat!

And honestly, if you try to think of anyone else more suited to play Carmen Sandiego, you’ll come up short. It makes so much sense that Gina Rodriguez would be cast as the iconic thief, who came from an educational computer game series before making the jump to animated series. But no one could have predicted she’d end up playing Carmen Sandiego T-W-I-C-E. And for the same place, no less!

(She’s also got another Netflix project coming down the pike with rom-com Someone Great, too.)

So if you’re a big fan of Rodriguez’s work in Jane the Virgin or Annihilation and you find yourself asking, “Where in the world is Gina Rodriguez?” the answer, for the foreseeable future, will be Netflix.

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