Gina Rodriguez is joining “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — *potentially* as Rosa’s love interest — because sometimes we do deserve nice things

Once in a blue moon, something so good happens that it makes us believe in a higher power. Someone or something has to be listening to our prayers, right? Because when Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) came out as bisexual on the FOX comedy, we started dream casting who her girlfriend should be in our minds. Immediately Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez sprang to mind, and it’s all we’ve been able to think about since then. So you can imagine how shocked we were to find out that not only did Brooklyn Nine-Nine just cast Rodriguez, but she’s also probably playing Rosa’s love interest. Is this real life?

EW reports that Rodriguez has booked a guest-starring role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine for one episode later this season. While the entertainment site didn’t have any additional details about who she’ll be playing, some light detective work makes it pretty obvious that the Annihilation star has been cast as a potential new love interest for Rosa Diaz.

An amazing story arc earlier this season followed Rosa as she came out as bisexual. It was a realistic portrayal of something many people struggle with and is unfortunately rarely represented in pop culture, so Brooklyn Nine-Nine handling her journey with pathos and heart was so important…especially when you consider that Rosa’s coming out was inspired by Beatriz herself.

And then executive producer Dan Goor revealed that Rosa would be getting a girlfriend on the series soon (plus some other special lady friends, since Rosa would so be playing the field after such an emotional journey). Beatriz echoed our wishes and made it clear she wanted Rodriguez for the role, and lo and behold, the Jane the Virgin star tweeted she was oh-so-down for the opportunity. false

And because sometimes we really do deserve nice things, this is actually happening. Sounds like Rodriguez nailed her audition (but really, do you honestly think she even needed to audition?). Now we just have to wait patiently for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to return this spring and see this fever dream come to fruition.

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