This is how “Jane the Virgin’s” Gina Rodriguez deals with feeling insecure about her body

One of the (many) reasons we love Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is that she’s so open about the fact that she regularly deals with the same body insecurities ALL of us do.

Her most recent convo about the matter took place with Yahoo! Fashion, in an episode of the site’s “I Yahoo’d Myself”.

In the video, Rodriguez is asked about whether she’s succumb to the pressure surrounding body image in Hollywood.

Of course, she acknowledges that this line of thinking isn’t helping anybody, adding, “That’s bullsh*t.”

Here here! The idea that Rodriguez, a healthy woman with curves, faces any kind of scrutiny just because she doesn’t adhere to Hollywood’s narrow beauty standards is so disheartening, but it’s great that she knows — and is being vocal about it so other women like herself will know — that this is not an attitude our society should be fostering.

She has similarly enlightened thoughts when it comes to wearing makeup and styling her hair.

Rodriguez also spoke a bit about Naja, the lingerie line she co-launched in an effort to address a “passion for women’s empowerment, body acceptance, and giving opportunities to underprivileged women.”

We seriously can’t get enough of this woman.


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