All the times Gina Linetti was your spirit guide

We get it: Summer was great. It was a beautiful blur of sunscreen and beach balls and little umbrellas in sweet drinks that taste like heaven itself and smell like strawberries and joy. But now that fall has arrived, your thoughts have probably started to gently drift to thoughts of evenings spent curled up in front of the TV eating microwave burritos and watching as your favorite fictional friends find love and adventure.

Well fear not, fellow sitcom-files. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of our very favorite things, is back for fall. The new season drops tonight, and in honor of it, I thought you might enjoy some time with one of the best and most beautiful characters there ever was: Miss Gina Linetti, aka spirit animal extraordinaire. Here’s all the times Gina just got us, you know?

The time she stopped dieting and ate this glorious sandwich and you were like “Yes! Omg, Gina, you eat that sandwich girl while I eat this one because we are sandwich sisters united by bread and love.”

The time she shut down the haters and reminded them who exactly was queen:

The time she did this as if she too were reacting to Fox canceling The Mindy Project/ NBC canceling Hannibal.

When she perfectly described how it feels when your parents come to visit your new place and chide you for being messy

The time she spoke to your post-college career goals

The time she danced like a mystical unicorn crossed with a graceful gazelle and for once the world made sense:

When she totally encouraged your pursuit of that cute dude you met in line at Whole Foods and gave your number to even though you know you aren’t supposed to talk to strangers:

The time she like completely understood how committed you were to your current Netflix binge:

When she said no to negativity and was like “Um good vibes only pls”

When she gave Jake some stellar life advice and it felt like she was there on the couch with you trying to talk your BFF out going back to her mean ex:

And finally the time she nailed our undying love for emojis:


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