‘Gilmore Girls’ without Melissa McCarthy? It was almost a thing.

The cast of “Gilmore Girls” just reunited at the ATX  TV Festival (you guys KNOW how much we love our TV cast reunions) and here’s the photographic evidence, awesomely tweeted out by USA Today:

(That’s GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino on the very left, FYI, we’re assuming you guys all have Dean, Emily, Lorelai, Rory, and Luke straight all figured out.)

As E! reports, the big, breaking “Gilmore Girls” story revealed when the cast and creator sat down to talk was that Melissa McCarthy almost wasn’t cast in the role of Sookie.

(Sound of a million cars screeching to a halt.)

You’re telling us that Melissa McCarthy, Melissa “One of the Biggest Movie Stars in the World and One of the Funniest People Ever” McCarthy almost didn’t get her breakout television role?

Amy Sherman-Palladino was in Melissa McCarthy to WIN Melissa McCarthy, but she apparently got some pushback from her network and studio.

“They weren’t sure. It wasn’t that people didn’t like her, but she was a different energy. She was a different kind of chick,” Sherman-Palladino explained. “And the part was just written for a woman, there was no body type, there was nothing specific about it. I was like, ‘I need someone funny who could really act.’”

Sherman-Palladino had to fight to get McCarthy, and of course, as we all know, she won that particular casting battle.

“It was a tricky sell,” she acknowledged. “And it took awhile…everyone came around, but it took a few shows.”

Sherman-Palladino then went on to talk about the importance of fighting for the Melissa McCarthys of the world.

“[Melissa McCarthy] is different and different is sometimes not the easiest thing to embrace. But that’s true of life. So if we want people to embrace more Melissa McCarthys and more complicated parts…we got to keep putting them out there. We got to keep writing the parts,  we got to keep fighting the fights, we got to keep willing to be fired, saying, ‘You’re wrong, Mr. Person With Money.’ It’s a fight. But anything worth doing is a fight.”

We co-sign this statement, and we are so grateful to Sherman-Palladino for fighting the good fight and giving our Goddess of Comedy Melissa McCarthy her first big break.

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