If you can’t make it to Stars Hollow, these “Gilmore Girls” wax warmers will make you FEEL like you’re there

Raise your hand if you’re seriously missing Stars Hollow right now ✋. It’s been roughly a month since we last caught up with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and a month is TOO LONG. While there’s no promise of more Netflix episode on the horizon (…yet), that doesn’t mean we still can’t bask in everything Gilmore Girls.

And if you’re really missing that quaint Connecticut town, the best way to recreate its magic is to SMELL IT. Lorelai doesn’t go around saying, “I smell snow” for nothing.

Released from our friends over at Lit-Cube (the brilliant minds behind the Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box), you can now snag your very own Gilmore Girls wax warmer — and it’s not just any wax warmer, but a customized Stars Hollow one. It’s got the town name big and bold on the front, along with the date it was founded (you know how much Stars Hollow loves Stars Hollow history).


The only thing better than this are the Gilmore Girls themed scents that come with it (or separately in a bundle, because you do you).  Their scents are “I Smell Snow,” “Luke’s Diner,” “Autumn Festival,” and “Pop-Tart.” We want our house to smell like all of them (but maybe not all at the same time).

There is one thing you need to know: These won’t ship out in time for Christmas. BUT NO WORRIES, because Christmas only comes once a year and tbh Gilmore Girls should be celebrated every single day. If this is something you need immediately, head on over to Lit-Cube and happy shopping.

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