The ‘Gilmore Girls’ reunion happened and here’s what we learned

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 8 years since Gilmore Girls ended. I quite literally grew up while watching GG; it’s what got me into television and, ultimately, inspired me to be a writer. Because in it’s final season, the original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino had left the show and because the writers didn’t know the show was going to end, there was an unresolved feeling to the whole last season (let alone the finale itself). Why weren’t Luke and Lorelei together? I mean, come on! Lucky for us, the ATX Television Festival decided to reunite the GG family this weekend (see some of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s quotes here) and it’s panel delivered on all fronts, answering questions us Gilmore fans have been waiting for…well, for a LONG time.

Here are a few insights (and Instagram moments!)

Lauren Graham was on another show at the time of GG’s inception

OK, imagine Gilmore Girls without Lauren Graham? You can’t, right? Well, apparently at the time of the show’s inception, Graham was already on another show on NBC. But, she read the material and immediately felt a connection to Lorelei and the rest is history.

All of Rory’s suitors “hugged it out”

So much of Gilmore Girls was Rory’s suitors. Dean or Jess? Jess or Dean? Jess or Logan? Well, all three boys were in attendance and the question on everyone’s mind was finally asked. Which one of these boys was really the best for Rory. As per EW’s live-blog, “Ventimiglia: “Team Dean.” Padalecki: “Team Jess.” Ventimiglia then drew roars by declaring: “Logan was a dick.” Czuchry: “Team Jess.” Patterson: “None of you are good enough for Rory.” Bravo Luke! You tell ’em!

On the loss of Edward Hermann, aka Richard Gilmore

There was a definitely a missed presence at the panel. Edward Hermann who played the family’s patriarch, Richard Gilmore, passed away last December. He, apparently, was the first to sign on for the reunion panel. They left a chair open for him. Sherman-Palladino said, “He was a drinking, loving, knew everything in the world… he was our Mr. President.”

Doyle is now a producer on Empire

I know, I know. I should’ve known this one, but I didn’t. Danny Strong, aka Yale Daily News’ Editor-in-Chief, Doyle is now a producer for last season’s breakout hit, Empire. When asked what would happen if Empire’s Cookie wandered into Stars Hollow, he said, “She would storm into rooms she’s not supposed to. It would be pretty crazy.” Strong also still acts, having had a bit part in the last season of HBO’s Girls.

Luke and Lorelai are probably married.

Ah, the inevitable question: where are Luke and Lorelai? Well, according to Graham, she believes the two on again/off again lovers probably would’ve gotten married eventually.

Will there be a Gilmore Girls TV resurrection/movie?

I’m very much undecided about a Gilmore Girls resurrection. I love the show so much that I don’t can’t see it tarnished. That said, there were many unresolved issues in the finale that I would, like most die-hard GG fans, want to see sorted out. Sherman-Palladino, of course, had the perfect statement about that. “It’s kinda time, don’t you think?” Sherman-Palladino said. “There’s nothing in the works at the moment. Here’s the good thing: Nobody here hates each other. It would have to be the right everything—the right format, the right timing, it would have to be honored in a certain way. And if it ever came around, we would all jump in and do it. And if it ever happened, I promise you I’d do it correctly.”

Gilmore Girls has been a huge part of my life. It’s a show that wasn’t about any flashy, big concept. It was about a mother and daughter and the special bond between them. There has never been a show like Gilmore Girls and, I daresay, there will never be another like it. Whenever I’m depressed or just in need of a lift, I return to Stars Hollow and nothing seems as bad, as I sing along to Carole King’s theme song.

Where You Lead, I will follow. <3

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