Here are all the throwback references to OG “Gilmore Girls” episodes during “Winter”

Gilmore Girls is known for many things: it’s mother-daughter relationships, it’s fast-paced dialogue, and, of course, the Gilmore girls’ many pop culture references. So when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was first announced, we knew it wouldn’t be Gilmore Girls without plenty of references. But while many reviews have covered the pop-culture nods in the first episode “Winter” and the way the revival focuses on the plight of millennials today,  there’s been less attention focused on the throwback references to the original Gilmore Girls. We’re here to fix that.

Below are all the Gilmore Girls throwback references in “Winter”

All the dialogue overheard during the opening credits

The revival begins with a black screen, the names of the stars and the show in white. Instead of hearing the famous theme song, we hear famous lines of dialogue from Gilmore Girls. Who among us didn’t get goosebumps?

“I smell snow.”


At the very beginning of “Winter,” Lorelai smells snow. This is one of the first of many callbacks. Lorelai’s ability to smell snow is well documented, beginning with the season one episode “Love and War and Snow.” Later in the Gilmore Girls seasons, the “smell of snow” wakes Lorelai up from a comfy sleep with Luke:

We are so glad that years later Lorelai has not lost this gift!

Luke’s entire outfit (and demeanor)


Of course, Luke hasn’t changed a day. He’s still wearing plaid and that baseball hat. Instead of complaining about cell phones, he now complains about WiFi. We’re just as excited to see that while the menus have changed (featuring Rory’s New Yorker piece), the rest of the diner remains the same.

Lorelai’s pink coat

Lorelai’s awesome fashion sense is well known. So of course she begins the show wearing an absolutely fabulous pink coat. But what you might not realize is that she wears a pink coat in earlier seasons of Gilmore Girls, as well. The pink coat remains a stalwart of Lorelai’s clothing in seasons 4 and 5:


We’re glad Lorelai’s love of pink has not changed!

All the cast nods

Our first foray in years to Stars Hollow gives friendly nods to a well-beloved cast. Rory’s besties Paris and Lane have entire on-screen conversations (with Paris playing an important part in Lorelai’s storyline, as well), but it’s not just the main side characters that get notice. Taylor, Gypsy, Kirk, Miss Patty, all the Stars Hollow heavyweights receive some much-deserved screen time. And the show is better for them.

Taylor and Luke’s battles

Relations between Taylor and Luke might not be as nearly contentious as Lorelai’s with Emily, but they’re still heated. As usual, Taylor wants something from Luke, and Luke won’t budge. This time, instead of it being “an olde fashioned soda shoppe,” Taylor wants Stars Hollow to move out of septic tanks and into a sewer system. Luke refuses to help Taylor collect horror stories, until, as usual, his natural kindness causes him to change his tune.

Friday Night Dinner


Friday Night Dinners haven’t changed, either. And neither has the chilly climate. Emily and Lorelai continue to fight over past hurts and perceived wrongs. As usual, Rory’s presence does little to fix things.

Logan Huntzberger


Rootless Rory is not acting like her normal self. The fact that she’s cheating on her (forgettable) boyfriend with Logan Huntzberger (who himself is engaged!) has us worried. We’re hoping she snaps out of this funk soon. We want our girl back!

Hep Alien continues to rock


Lane’s band is still rocking! We’re glad the whole band has stayed together, even though Lane and Zach have two kids. And they still kick butt.

Paris is still… Paris


Despite her multiple degrees and success, Paris continues to be her usual caustic self. And we love her for it. When she starts talking about Luke’s private area? Hilarious.

These are just some of the references we have caught in “Winter.” We’re sure there are countless more, in this episode and the other three. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is the brainchild of Amy Sherman-Palladino, after all. It will just get better with every viewing.

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