We cannot deal with this “Gilmore Girls” theory about Rory

The ‘ship wars in Gilmore Girls are legendary, if not way more chill than most fandoms. Like, let’s be honest — most of the dudes who made the rounds on Gilmore Girls were half way decent guys, even if they’re not your faves. Dean was a nice earnest kid who meant well, Jess was totally lovable (if messed up) and totally brilliant, and Logan was quick and clever even if he represented all of the things that Lorelai resents about her childhood. And for Lorelai’s part, although every sane person is #TeamLuke (okay — mostly chill), neither Max nor Jason nor Chris were bad people. They just weren’t right for each given Gilmore girl at the time of asking. With the reboot coming out heart-stoppingly soon, the theories about who our favorite ladies are with are ramping up.

After the official Gilmore Girls Instagram shared a picture of an apple, everybody took that to mean one of the reigning Lorelais is or will be pregnant. Which is probably accurate. Even if Lorelai is the obvious choice… a new theory says that maybe Rory is the one with a bun in the oven… and it belongs to, wait for it…



Bustle writer laid out the whole theory for us, and our minds are blown. The main clue is the fact that some of the filming took place in London — which is where, as we all know, Logan worked at the end of the show. On top of that, amaaaazingly talented time-traveling archaeologist Alex Kingston plays a mysterious “eccentric” character opposite Alexis Bledel. And seeing as Alex Kingston is English, it only adds fuel to the fire that Rory is spending a considerable amount of time in London.


We’ve got to admit, we’re a little bit nervous on behalf of Jess and our ol’ homeboy Dean in light of this seemingly credible theory. (We also didn’t know we had a preference about Rory’s end game guy until reading this theory and had a very extreme emotional reaction. #TEAMJESS)

Whatever happens, we can’t WAIT to find out.

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