Matt Czuchry just dropped some “Gilmore Girls” information about Team Logan that has us very, very worried

To start, Rory Gilmore doesn’t necessarily need a man in her life. She is a strong, smart, independent woman and if she chooses to be Team Rory, we support that 100%. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re still not going to root for one of her former boyfriends to steal her heart once again during Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. While you (and everyone you know) might be rooting hard for Team Jess (because, come on), there’s new Gilmore information on the street that suggests things might go differently.

Differently, as in like, TEAM LOGAN.

In a new interview for Entertainment Weekly’s glorious Gilmore Girls cover story, Matt Czuchry reflects back on his time as toned-down-party-boy Logan. Though Logan proposed to Rory at the end of the series, and she said NO (you go, girl), and Matt is actually *thrilled* with that outcome. He loves that Rory turned Logan down in the end.

“In the original series, I was happy that Rory said no to Logan,” He explains. “I feel like, at that particular time, it wasn’t right for Rory to get married to anybody, and it shows her strength and her independence, which has always been I think a very powerful theme of the show. I love that ending for the original series.”

But with these four new episodes, Rory and Logan are about to find themselves with a very different ending, and Matt is hinting that Team Logan might actually be endgame.

“In terms of where things are at the end of these four chapters for Logan and Rory, it’s pretty special. I’ll say that. It’s very, very special.”

What. Does. That. Mean? 

Before you start freaking out, and frantically trying to buy Team Logan shirts online, his “very special” comment could simply mean that their relationship has finally reached full closure. These two are much older, and much wiser, and have almost a decade of life behind them now. As adults, their “special” relationship might just be mutual respect…?

OR THEY GET ENGAGED AND MARRIED IDK. Go ahead and start freaking out like, 40% right now. We’ll find out exactly what is ~very special~ between Rory and Logan on November 25th.

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