You can snag the “Gilmore Girls” shirt Mae Whitman wore to the premiere *right now*

At last Friday’s Gilmore Girls world premiere, Lauren Graham’s other on-screen daughter, Mae Whitman, rocked the red carpet in a gorgeous green pantsuit…and an even more awesome Gilmore Girls t-shirt. When asked WHERE we could snag a shirt of our own just like it (because, of course we asked, we need it), Mae responded — 10000% exited — that it was from Rachel Antonoff, and that we could get one ourselves in a few short days.

A few short days is now.

Because we’re always going to be with Lorelai, all of the time, these perfect Gilmore Girls shirts are now available right this very second. Rachel announced the news herself over on her Instagram, and even better, darling Mae is the model. UGH, honestly everything about this is just so perfect, and lovely, and just take all of our money.

Originally, these shirts were supposed to drop on the 25th — hey, that’s the day A Year in the Life comes out! — but Rachel received such an overwhelming demand for them, they’re out now. But out in limited quantities, so you have to ACT FAST.

Not only is there an “I’m with Lorelai” shirt, but there’s an “I’m With Rory” one, too. There’s also an “I’m With Her,” which could apply to either one of the Gilmore Girls.


And if you’re really looking to go all out, you can buy the “I’m With Human” sweatshirt that Lorelai is actually wearing *in* the revival.


Head on over to right now, and add all of these to your cart. Happy holiday shopping to YOU.